EU remains committed in pursuit to a lasting peace agreement in Mali

The European Union “will remain committed” to the process of talks in Algiers with the various Malian groups to reach a lasting peace agreement in Mali, Chairman of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy said Monday in Brussels following his meeting with Malian Premier, Moussa Mara.

“I assured the Prime Minister (Mali) the EU will remain committed to this process and will support the implementation of an agreement for sustainable peace,” Van Rompuy stressed.

“We agreed that speeding up talks in Algiers with the various groups was essential to identify a sustainable solution,” he added.

Besides, Chairman of the European Council said it he had with Malian PM “a frank discussion on the most pressing issues Mali.”

“The country continues to face serious challenges in the field of security and socio-economic development,” he added.
“Regarding the situation in the North, we both expressed our concern over attacks against the peace-keeping security forces of the UN (MINUSMA), and general insecurity in the region,” he stressed.