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Libya: Gaddafi’s Bid for President Questions the ICC’s Influence

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s ambitions in Libya may not materialise, but his move shows the international court’s limits. It’s almost 10 years

UN says Sudanese migrant beaten, shot and killed in Libya

A Sudanese migrant was beaten, shot and killed in Libya after escaping from a government-run detention center in the North African country, the U.N.

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Algeria bans French military planes as diplomatic row deepens

Tensions rise as Algiers imposes airspace ban in latest response to visa dispute and Macron criticism The diplomatic discord between Algeria and France has

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Fonds souverain libyen : les milliards de Kadhafi bientôt dégelés ?

Le dernier round du bras de fer entre le groupe koweïtien Al Kharafi et le fonds souverain libyen se joue ce mardi devant la Cour de cassation à Paris. La

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What’s driving the escalating tensions between Algeria and Morocco?

On Aug. 24 Algeria broke off its already minimal bilateral relations with Morocco, declaring this was due to the kingdom’s “hostile actions” and accusing

Army says attack on Malian military convoy kills at least 15

Gunmen ambushed a Malian army convoy in central Mali on Thursday, killing at least 15 soldiers, the army said, just days after another attack in the

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Libye: Saïf al-Islam Kadhafi va-t-il revenir en politique?

Si l’on en croit ce qu’il a laissé entendre au New York Times, ce retour rebattrait les cartes de la scène politique en Libye. C’était la

Qaddafi’s Son Is Alive. And He Wants to Take Libya Back.

In his first meeting with a foreign journalist in a decade, Seif al-Islam described his years in captivity — and hinted at a bid for Libya’s presidency.

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Congo-Libye : Denis Sassou Nguesso recevra le président Mohammed el-Menfi à Brazzaville

Le chef de l’État congolais souhaite s’entretenir avec son homologue libyen, à la tête du Conseil présidentiel depuis février. Alors que, depuis février,

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Libya conference: Russia, Turkey to start removing their foreign mercenaries

Libya’s transitional government renewed its commitment to holding elections in December at a UN-sponsored conference in Berlin, where Russia and Turkey