TRAC Incident Report: Suicide Bombing in a Cafe at Mogadishu Retail Mall Injures 4 in Xamar Weyne, Mogadishu, Somalia

(Above) debris scattered on the street in front of the attack. (Below) Mogadishu Mall.

On 23 February, a suicide bomber threw his suicide vest inside a cafe at Mogadishu retail mall during a chase by security forces suspecting him. The Mogadishu retail mall is next to Xamar Weyne District Police Station and the cafe is frequented by officials have coffee and meet friends. The explosion led to the injury of two Xamar Weyne District Police Commissioners and two civilians. Although no group has claimed responsibility for the attack at the time of writing, Mogadishu is an active area of al Shabaab operations who favor soft targets in the urban environment. Shabaab most recently used a suicide bomber to begin the siege on Afrik Hotel in Mogadishu on 31 January 2021.