Tunisia: Security forces nab ISIS affiliate planning attack in Ramadan

Tunisian security forces arrested an Islamic State group (ISIS) sympathizer who was planning terror attacks against vital state institutions in the holy month of Ramadan scheduled to start late this month, the Tunisian interior ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

The terrorist, according to the statement, has developed a plan targeting security establishments and vital state institutions.

The alleged terrorist had bought items in view of making explosives and confessed that he had pledged allegiance to ISIS and was in touch with two experts in subside belt and explosives making.

The North African country has been on the alert after subside bomb attack outside the US embassy in capital Tunis. Two Tunisians on a motorbike blew themselves up, killing a policeman and injuring six other people, early last month.

The attack according to the interior ministry was targeting a police patrol, in the street leading to the US embassy.

It was the latest major attempt that rocked the country in a series of attacks that began in 2015.

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