Boko Haram Terrorists Threaten Minister Of Communications, Mock Buhari, Warn BBC, Others

The sect, through its factional leader, Abubakar Shekau, threatened the Minister of Communication for threatening to block their mobile lines.

The Boko Haram sect has released a new video threatening and warning those it considered hindrances to its activities.

The sect, through its factional leader, Abubakar Shekau, threatened the Minister of Communication for threatening to block their mobile lines.

Shekau, who has been reported dead multiple times, also warned the “BBC, Radio Germany, Radio France International, Dandal Kura, national dailies”, saying his terrorist group is doing the work of Allah.

Shekau said, “I am speaking to those who pretend to be good Muslims but they are not. God will judge the hypocrites of Islam who use the platform of religion to achieve their selfish gains.

“We don’t judge people until we are sure of what we have seen in them.

“This video message is specifically released because of one man, who thinks he has the knowledge and is knowledgeable about religion. Keep this message in your heart until you die if you don’t repent.

‘‘From today, you will continue to live in sorrow, because I, Shekau, say so on behalf of Allah, Allah hears us, He is the judge in the hereafter.

“This warning is for Isa Ali Panatami; don’t think simply because you preach in English or because you are called a doctor, means you have knowledge of Islam. You know nothing.

‘‘Today you have become a minister, and you are feeling you can achieve your selfish ends. You must know that speaking English is not Islam.

“You said you are going to block phone lines and other means of communication to frustrate the activities of Boko Haram. But you must understand that we don’t depend on such to send out our messages.

‘‘Our messengers are like the angels of God. How dare you attempt to stop the works we are doing for the creator of the heavens and earth, simply because you have become a slave to the western world and the country. We pity you if you don’t repent.

“I swear to Allah, you are nothing. Initially, we were not bothered about you, but now you have become a slave to the infidels; repent now and become a good Muslim. If you don’t comply from now on, death will come to you, Isa Ali Pantami.

‘‘I call on my brothers in Africa, in Nigeria and everywhere to arise and take steps, what they did to (Sheik) Jafar is little. Anywhere you see Isa Ali Pantami, don’t spare him.

‘‘Isa Ali Pantami you are nothing; even Jafar tried the same thing but we dealt with him; talk less of you that is nothing in Islam. And from today on, you would not have peace of mind because you have dared Allah, his prophet and the religion of Islam.

“And you, President Buhari, you said you are almost 80 years old and you are busy going about, and now your people have started booing, right? You just wait for your angels of death.

“Buratai, (the chief of army staff); you are tired right? Wait for your day.

“The journalists on BBC, Radio Germany, Radio France International, Dandal Kura, national dailies, be very careful in all that you say about us. We are not dealing with you people; we are doing the work of Allah. Our trust is in Allah and not in human beings.

“We have understood your evil plots against the religion of Allah, and your hypocrisy has been made known to us. Go on and plot against us in secret, we too shall converge in secret and plot against (you) and see who will take the day.

“However, this video is purely created because of Isa Ali Pantami. And you Bulama Bukarti in England; you heard my words in the past. All these names I mention are insignificant elements.

“And you President Buhari, simply because some persons told you that they have killed our commanders, so now you are emboldened and you want to kill Shekau, right? Who is Shekau, a small person to you? But you are now in trouble Mr Buhari; you are in big trouble. I am still here, that little boy that has defied the leaders of the world. I am still around, you just wait, it will soon be over before we all meet in the hereafter.”