Algeria to continue all actions to defeat terrorism

Algeria will “inevitably” continue to support all the actions which can contribute to “definitively” defeat terrorism, said Sunday in Algiers Director of African Department at Algerian Foreign Affairs Ministry Ahcene Kerma.

“My country will inevitably continue to support all the actions and initiatives which can, according to the African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT), contribute to definitively defeat this terrible scourge (terrorism),” said Kerma at the opening of the 8th meeting of the ACSRT focal points.

He underlined that Algeria has paid a “heavy price to live today in peace and security,” adding that “its relentless struggle in the 1990s, often alone, when nobody measures the real danger of terrorism, endowed it with a clear vision and proven knowledge on what really this phenomenon is.”

“This expression (Fight against terrorism), Algeria is keen to share it with all its partners faced, more than ever, to an unparalleled increase in terrorist acts,” he added.